Frequently Asked Questions

How long should it take for a full integration?

Our target completion time is no more than 90 calendar days.

Will I need a government contract?

Yes. CSPEX Contract Officers use proprietary evaluation reports to maximize contract approvals.  In fact, over the last decade, CSPEX has achieved a 92% success rate facilitating government contract awards for our Manufacturer and Retail Partners. 

What about site compliance and channel partner guidelines?

CSPEX offers a fully compliant and tested Retail Partner storefront before launching into a specific channel.  Our software has developed over the years to be virtually compliant out of the box which is why our cloud-based integration app is the choice of some of the most prominent retailers in the world.

Do you offer integration options?

Yes.  We can integrate with the ERP systems, specific accounting programs and a host of data feed formats including XML, EDI, flat files, etc.

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