Nonprofits and Associations of all sizes can enhance their online community and drive donations with a benefit designed just for NPO's and their members.


Government Charter now expanded to include Non-Profits & Associations

Be the star at your next management or board meeting!

Deliver immediate benefits to your supporters and drive revenue in less than 48 hours with no contracts and no monthly costs. We are waiving the setup fee of $299 for a limited time, so join today and you'll be in the company of some of the largest and most prominent organizations in the world.

ExchangeShopping Marketplace

The ExchangeShopping Program is an Online Marketplace Solution specifically designed for non-profit organizations.  In fact, many of the top government agencies including Department of Homeland Security use the ExchangeShopping Program to drive value to their members while driving revenue to their organizations.  Our charter has recently expanded to offer this same program to non-profits and associations.  We would like to invite your organization to participate. 

This program offers a guaranteed discount to all your members & supporters and generates a percentage of all sales to fund your non-profit cause.  This program has been uniquely developed to achieve a turn-key, no link-off solution.  It provides a seamless transition with your website resulting in a stronger online community between you and your members.  This program will have your organization’s branding and only be accessed through your website.


Summary of Program Benefits

Over 1 million products --- every one of them offering pre-negotiated discounts from leading retail partners available to your members and supporters

Retail Partners have passed strict program guidelines to insure the highest levels of service and privacy

A percentage of every sale is remitted back to your organization

Secure online administration with reporting and tools to help you succeed

The site is not co-branded…it’s 100% branded with your organization 

No Access feature means that you can only access your ExchangeShopping Marketplace via your website

Easy to sign up and only requires adding a simple link on your website to go live


Please let us know if there is anything else we can provide you to help make a decision.  It will be a privilege to serve your organization and its cause.  We encourage you to Apply Today!.

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