eCommerce Marketplaces


eCommerce Marketplaces

CSPEX Integration Services connects Retail Partners with e-commerce marketplaces from our network of our Member-Based Organizations (MBO's).

The AAFES Exchange. The AAFES Exchange is a multi-channel retailer, offering products to authorized customers via retail stores, online and mobile shopping. More than 18 million items are available through the Exchange Online Store and Online Mall. The Exchange supports an extremely mobile customer base. The Internet provides the ability to extend the Exchange benefit to authorized shoppers worldwide, regardless of where they are located.

The primary goal is to provide our Retail Partners a way to significantly increase revenue through this online sales channel with our low-cost, turnkey solution that enables your site to meet all required government guidelines.  

This marketplace boasts high daily visitor counts with over 11 million users.  It has above average purchase conversion rates with an average purchase of $160.00.  Approximately 85% of the online purchases are done with the Military Star Card.

Shared Revenue:

•Discount to military members.

•Contribution to Moral Welfare & Recreation (MWR).

•CSPEX integration cost and monthly program fees.

Specialty Store Program:

•AAFES is Merchant of Record; the Retail Partner incurs no merchant processing fees.

•The Retail Partner gains access to the Military Star Card.

•Because AAFES processes the sale, transactions are always sales-tax free.

•AAFES owns customer service responsibilities.

•Retail Partner can leverage the AAFES brand to acquire new customers.

•Sales are batched daily to retailer.

•Retail Partner invoices AAFES monthly on sales.

•Site guidelines must be followed.