ERP Connect for Sellers

ERP Connect for Suppliers. Our applications connect suppliers with Enterprise Buyers quickly and cost effectively, providing PunchOut, RoundTrip, and TapOut integration in the core components. We connect suppliers to Buyers utilizing Ariba PunchOut, SAP Roundtrip, Epicor TapOut, B2GNow Roundtrip, Oracle PunchOut, PerfectCommerce PunchOut, PurchasePro PunchOut, ReQlogic PunchOut, BirchStreet PunchOut, PeopleSoft Punchout and other eBusiness integration standards.  Request more information today or visit ERP Connect for Buyers.

How we help Suppliers

Affordable Turnkey Solutions 

More and more, small suppliers are asked to provide Punchout or Roundtrip integration by their customers. The cost and time associated with in-house or 3rd party development just isn't an option.

Undeniable ROI

CSPEX Connect provides a rapidly deployed, ROI friendly, solution with all the features you expect and some you wouldn't. Additionally, CSPEX Connect is very scalable and with dozens of ad-hoc features that will meet your needs.


You may be small now, but as your business grows, we're ready as volume increases and business practices mature. We have all the horsepower you need to handle the volume and the ability to modernize your business with back office integration when you're ready.

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