Government Retail Sales Channel

CSPEX drives incremental sales for our Partners in the Government Retail Sales Channel.

The CSPEX Government Program is a full service management solution offering Partner Companies access to Local, State and Federal employees, retirees and their dependants.  The program is structured on an invitation or referral basis and features an annual placement fee to participate.  With a market size of approximately 1.2 million shoppers from 50+ agencies, CSPEX can get you approved and selling within 72 hours.  

Program Guidelines

  • Invitation or Agency/Trade Referral

  • Private Offer extended to Government Employees

  • Ability to ship USPS (APO/FPO)

How to Partner

  • Speak with a Contracting Officer

  • Register your store online

  • Complete Account Setup Profile Form

How it Works

  • Members are presented with your Private Offer(s)

  • Shoppers are directed from Government Marketplace to your site for checkout

  • You fulfill orders and provide customer service 

Please Contact Us to learn how we can help.